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    InDesign CS5.5


      Hey, i am working with a friend for a magazine for an association, but unfortunately i have CS6 and she has CS5.5, and as we know it's impossible for her to work with my file, so she gave me her CS5.5, but he serial number is not working.. how to do? it's very important, and as you know we work for an association so it has no money to pay her the new CS6....
      I really need your help, if not i'm going to lose everything i have done in this association.

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          Salah Fadlabi Level 5

          Save your indesign cs6 file as IDML, she can open it on CS5.5.

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            catalinasan Level 1

            Thank you for your answer, but i have heard that it doesn't save all the file, that it may some things missing, is it true?

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              Salah Fadlabi Level 5

              Just try, and compare between 2 files.

              Is the OS system as the same, is fhe fonts as same?

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                Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                IDML is the standard way to save a version openable in versions as far back as CS4.


                However, any new features in Cs6 won't translate backwards - so it's a good idea to give a PDF with the file to demonstrate the layout.


                An example of something that wouldn't translate backwards say from CS6 to CS4 would be the Span/Split columns, as that feature did not exist in CS4.


                The other thing that gets affected is the "Text Engine", you may have different line endings for your text, this may or may not result in text overflowing.


                This is because the text engine is updated each version which can cause text to shift slightly within a line or paragraph.

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                  BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  Your friend is not legally allowed to "give" you their software.


                  Have her upgrade to CS6 if you really want this to work. And if it's that

                  important to you, then pay for it as a Creative Cloud month to month until

                  you finish the project or buy the upgrade.