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    DNG Convertor for FujiFilm X100S


      I want to use the X-rite Color Colour Passport Checker, which uses a DNG, to create camera profiles an also Adobe Camera Raw to read FujiFilm raw (RAF) files.

      I am used to that workflow to adjust a raw image and use an X-Rite generated camera profile.

      I use Photoshop CS 5.5 Extended where the Camera Raw does not appear to support FujiFilm X100S raw (RAF) files; hence I turned to the DNG converter.


      When I use the DNG convertor ( to convert a FujiFilm X100s raw file (RAF) it does indeed generate a DNG.


      However, when I read a converted DNG into photoshop and view at 100% and more (say 200%) there is a matrix grid in the image which I presume

      corresponds to the Fuji sensor. If I now apply say an exposure adjustment layer the grid pattern (an array of small dots) becomes even more evident in the displayed image.


      So I think the raw DNG conversion has a problem/bug with RAF's from the X100S.

      I want to use Adobe Camera Raw to apply a 'camera profile' and modify a FujiFilm X-100S DNG image with CS 5.5.



      The FujiFilm supplied Raw converter does not have this problem when converting to jpg/tiff.

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          Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Just curious if this pixel grid isn't the pixel grid that you can turn off under the view menu in Photoshop?  This grid is lines, but you said dots.

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            bgpscaruk Level 1

            No it's not that. I have a D3X and I don't have any issues with a NEF converted to a DNG (I don't normally do this conversion though).

            The only real time I do a DNG conversion, at all, is when I take an image of the 'X-rite Colour Checker' target because that software only takes a DNG image to generate

            a 'Camera Profile' which I can then use in ACR.


            This basically means I cannot use X-Rite Colour Checker with the X-100S (If I'm correct) and CS 5.5.


            If you zoom the DNG (RAF converted)  to 200% you can readily see what I mean.


            I can't use the FujiFilm supplied raw converter because it does not support X-rite Colour Checker custom 'camera profiles'.

            I actually don't want to use it also because ACR has some good tools and I'm used to that.


            Thanks for the reply.

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              I have same problem. Use DNG 8.1 to convert a RAF (raw file ) from Fuji x100s to dng format then open dng file in photoshop and I get this DOTTY image. This is a crop from the image when viewed at 200% so that you can clearly see the problem.





              The image below is a crop at 200% also but this is from the jpeg captured at the same time as the RAF file.


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                MadManChan2000 Adobe Employee

                The issue here is that older versions of Camera Raw (such as ACR 6 for CS5) do not have specialized interpolation routines for the Fuji X-Trans sensor (6x6 mosaic pattern). Technically, these older ACR versions can read any mosaic pattern, but the baseline interpolation quality may be poor.



                The solution here is to change the Camera Raw compatibility (see the Preferences section of DNG Converter) to match the version of Camera Raw that you have. For example, if you're using CS5.5 with Camera Raw 6.7, choose the setting "Camera Raw 6.6 and later". Then convert the RAF files to DNG. The resulting DNG files should open in ACR 6.7 under CS5.5 and look much better. (Technically, the resulting DNG file has already been demosaiced by DNG Converter and is stored as linear RGB data.)




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                  bgpscaruk Level 1

                  Thanks very much ... that seemed to do the trick.

                  I'm not sure what I'm going to do in future for Photoshop upgrades ... I can't really afford the new subscription model and so will have to use CS5.5 for as long as possible.

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                    ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    You could still buy the CS6 upgrade as Adobe is making it work with the ACR 8.x series that PS-CC uses.


                    Or you could stop with CS5.5 (for a few years until your computer OS doesn’t support it) and go down the cheaper Lightroom path, using it for your organization and raw conversion bits of the workflow, then using Edit in Photoshop with Lightroom Adjustments (which creates a TIF or PSD) to do final PS edits.   This is why I do, and though I finally subscribed to PS-CC, I rarely use it.


                    LR:  http://www.adobe.com/lightroom/  (you’d want to do the trial to make sure it works on your computer and makes sense to you in general)


                    CS6:  http://www.adobe.com/products/catalog/cs6._sl_id-contentfilter_sl_catalog_sl_software_sl_c reativesuite6.html?promoid=KFPHZ

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                      bgpscaruk Level 1

                      Good idea.  I had a previous version of Lightroom (which I never really used) but I have now upgraded to version 5. It's pretty useful for synchronising 'camera profile' settings (in particular for me) across panorama stitching images.