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    Extreme lag on mixer and smudge tools with "all layers" checked


      Running Photoshop CC 64, Win7 x64 on an i7-3820 based machine with 32GB of ram, 256GB SSD, several 2TB drives and a GeForce GTX 650 Ti 1GB 16X video card.


      Running the latest non-beta WHQL drivers for the video card,


      i have photoshop set to:


      • use graphics acceleration,
      • drawing mode advanced,
      • opencl.


      When I'm using the mixer brush and with the brush set to sample all layers, depending on brush size, I experience a large lag in rendering. When doing this, my CPU usage is around 10% and disk usage is also low so I'm assuming the graphics card is the bottleneck here.


      Images are from a 21MP canon 5dMK II, 8 bit files. I can replicate the problem with a single background layer and mixing/smudging on a 2nd transparent layer set to use all layers.


      Any thoughts?