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    User cannot "check" a form checkbox.

    stevenelmore Level 1

      There is a user who cannot place a "check" in a checkbox on any forms in Adobe Acrobat X. When he clicks the checkbox, nothing appears in the box. When creating this form, there are multiple options for characters to display in this box. The ONLY one that appears is the "cross" ("X"). The others do not. He is running Windows 7 64-bit OS.


      Here's what I have tried so far:


      1. Uninstall/reinstall Adobe Acrobat X Pro

      2. Uninstall, clean Acrobat entries from registry, reinstall XPro

      3. Install the Zapf Dingbat font (used by the checkbox)

      4. Created the form from scratch

      5. Created a form with only 1 checkbox

      6. Installed all Adobe-related fonts

      7. Tested the form successfully on my Windows 7 PC

      8. Tested form successfully on other Windows 7 PCs in his department

      9. Uninstalled Acrobat X and install Acrobat 9

      10. Uninstalled Acrobat 9 and install Acrobat XI


      This is still not working.on his machine only and I am stumped as to why.

      Any other helpful suggestions that I have not already attempted?