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    Auto Layout Adjustment

    Karl B Cartwright

      I am hoping for some suggestions on how to proceed


      InDesign CS5.  Windows 7


      I have a spread which included 3 different size pages.  Back, Spine and Front (OK so the front and back pages are the same size)


      I have graphics, boxes, text elements, etc on all pages.


      My intention is to use the Page tool to resize the Spine page.  Using Layout Adjustment, the elements on that page should adjust accordingly.  I have a box that covers the entire spine, that should scale with the new page size.  I have a logo placed, that too should scale.  All text elements should adjust as needed (Centered on spine, but keep same point size).


      When it works, it a beautiful thing.  And it has worked.


      But I am facing issues.  Sometimes, the boxes I have placed and scaled to meet the entire page size, dont scale properly with the page.  Text boxes will sometimes not scale as they did before.  Objects on the Front page, seem to think they are part of the spine page and start to move into the spine page.


      This is not entirely random.  It will either work or it does not work.  I have been able to Fix it at times by re-creating the object in question, and adjusting it to mach up with the page edges or guides.  But something I am doing appears to break it.


      Perhaps this is too complicated for the intention Layout Adjustment.  Something tells me that I need to make sure that an object that is placed "Belongs" to a specific page.  I dont know if that's possible.  When I align an object to the left edge of the front page, how can I be sure its not aligning itself to the right edge of the spine page?  Thats what it appears to be doing.


      Any insight would be appreciated.