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    InDesign/SQL developer wanted


      Hello all,


      I'm from a financial company based in London and we're looking for a developer to help us take our client reporting visuals to the next level.


      We currently produce rather dry, but functional PDFs to send to our 100+ clients, the content of which is produced using mail-merge style SQL queries. We were hoping to start using InDesign as a way to enhance the browser-based version of our reports with animations and videos, but we've found the fact that the reports cannot be mass-customised rather a limitation as these are time-critical. We'd ideally like to be able to create a solution whereby there was a basic template from which there could be a mix of standard text/numbers/graphics as well as SQL queries to pull customised data from our databases which might even then have some basic amount of animation on the resultant graph.


      We're very much open to ideas as we'd love to do something quite groundbreaking (for the financial world at least!) so please get in touch if you think you might be able to help.