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    textile wrinkle treatment

    ojodegato Level 1

      I work with textiles and have to deal with fabric texture and wrinkles in Photoshop. The workflow involves applying a guggasin blur, grain and motion blur. This produces an acceptable result which is not realistic. Sometimes I use the mezzotine filter to reintroduce the fabric texture lost during the blurring. Does someone have any additional recommendations to deal with fabric wrinkles?

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          Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hard to say without seeing what you're trying to do. However, you could try something that facial retouchers do, which is to separate the file into a highpass and lowpass layers.  I don't have PS in front of me right now, so I'm hoping I can remember exactly how to do this.


          Make two duplicate layers of the original.  Label the bottom one lowpass, and the top one highpass.

          Turn off the visibility of the top highpass layer and select the lowpass layer.

          Apply a gaussian blur on this layer to wipe out the detail.

          Select and turn on the highpass layer and use apply image: Select the lowpass layer as the source, set the blend mode to subtract, the scale to 2, and the offset to 128.  This will create what looks like a highpass filter.  Then set this layer's blend mode to linear light. 

          What you Shoud have is two layers that now look exactly like your original layer.

          You can then go in and edit each layer.  Edit the highpass to clone the texture, and edit the lowpass to edit tones and colors. 

          This way, you should be able to easily even out the tone of the wrinkle without affecting the texture of the fabric.  Then you can go and edit the texture.  To see the highpass better while editing, change it back to normal mode and put an adjustment layer above it and increase the contrast.

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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

            I wonder if a displacement map would work for you?




            But as mentioned in post #1, an example image would help enormously.