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    Edge 1.5 and 2.0 both lose Timeline element display at bottom

    jvcons Level 1

      I have restarted 3 times modifying a previously working presentation to reduce it`s size to fit within a 588px wide section of my web site. The previous width was 900px. I started by reducing the stage to 588px by 463px and then reduced each element, both text and images, to a size to fit within this 588px by 463px stage. As I did this, I saved each change to not lose any changes due to power failure. On the second day I had completed all reducing and aligning and did a final save. At this time I had not done a save for quite a while. Then a few minutes later I reopened the index.html in Edge Animate 1.5. I had done this change in 1.5 this time to see if this problem was only in 2.0. This new modified presentation had never been saved by Edge 2.0 and was still a 1.5 presentation. After opening this completed presentation the stage section did not complete it`s loading and all elements in the timeline were gone. If you look at the edge files in an editor you will see that the timeline element data is still present.

      What has happened? How do I get the presentation to load properly in Edge 1.5 or 2.0? Is there a memory issue that kept Edge from saving normally? Can someone look at the edge files to see if something is obvious and repairable? This is probably a problem that only someone who is familar with the structure of the edge files could answer. I will email the files to you if you would want to correct this. I can`t go any farther without a solution because it keeps happening, now 3 consecutive times with both 1.5 and 2.0.


      I do have a very powerful i7 Dell PC running Windows 8.


      Thank you for any prompt assistance,


      James Vernon


      I am a Creative Cloud customer.