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    Syncing audio from cameras with different frame rates

    Darren Breckles

        So I'm shooting a wedding this weekend with two Canon's -- a 6D and Rebel t4i -- and a Sony SLT a586 that my third shooter has.  The Sony shoots 25 fps and the Canon's either 24 or 30 fps.  I imagine I'll have problems syncing audio with the Sony using a different frame rate.  Is there any way around this?  Is there software or a plugin to some how conform the 25 fps footage to 24 fps or any other workaround?  I usually use Pluraleyes but I could sync it manually if that would work but I imagine even if you sync the clips at the beginning they will drift in audio sync.

        I would prefer to shoot at 30 fps for a wedding but that's another issue.  If I can just get the camera's to work and sync audio at 24 fps I'll be happy.  It didn't even occur to me that the Sony wouldn't have 24 or 30 fps as an option.

        Any help from you knowledgeable folks is massively appreciated!