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    Typewriter Text Color Acrobat 9 Pro

    Araceli Granados

      I have a pdf with many typewriter text boxes in it.  I now need to change those font colors...is there a way to do it all at once without going box by box to change the font color?

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          Phillip M Jones Level 4

          Depends upon Platform the method but what you need to do is while in Edit mode  you need to select all the Typewritter items. On Mc you would hold down option/Alternate key and click on eacg typewriter entery then go to Properties and should be able to change font color. Or you could be able to click and hold Mouse(trackpad button) down while while Draging across and down Page to select the Typewriter entries. Go to Properties and cahnge color. Using the ⌘ (command key) while clicking each item slelects and holds the selection this method you can skip over certain Items. I think the ⌘ key equiv for PC is the windows symbol.