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    Exported Form Response does not show or provide proof of Digital Signature


      Our office is currently using FormsCentral to gather responses from a purchase agreement form. (We do have some type of FormsCentral paid account, but not sure at what level. And we are using Acrobat Pro XI) Since the purchase agreement has terms and conditions that a person must legally agree to in order to purchase our product, it is required that the document be digitally signed before it can be submitted. The digital signature line is a required field, so it will not be received by FormsCentral if the form is missing it.  We are now finding that when a purchase is in question or the terms of the purchase, that we can export the purchase order/agreement to show the fields that were completed to provide to the purchaser. However, the signature field prints with nothing on it.So it appears as though the purchaser did not sign the form. When speaking to a support member they reviewed the issue and saw that it was not something that FormsCentral is capable of doing. I don't understand why a digital signature can not be present/printed on a submitted form. If I filled in all fields on the created form and digitally signed it then saved it (instead of submitting it through FormsCentral) and emailed it to a recipient they would be able to open the saved pdf and view my digital signature/timestamp on it. If it is entirely possible to do it that way, then why have FormsCentral be the recipient or the middle man? I am hoping that the support staff was just misinformed, because displaying some proof of signature seems like a necessary item on a printed form response. If a form response in FormsCentral has no way of showing that information then I think it should be something that should be quickly addressed for the next update of the system/software.

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          FormsCentral does not have support for Digital Signatures at this time.  I am not sure how exactly you have a form set up with a required field for a digital signature, was the PDF form edited in Acrobat XI after creating it in FormsCentral and saving to PDF and then you distributed this modified PDF?  Or did you simply add a required text field in FormsCentral and then in the PDF in Acrobat users are digitally signing that field?


          In either case a digital signature added to PDF would not be sent back to the FormsCentral servers and would not show up in the response table (View Responses tab in FormsCentral web site), it would also not be able to show up in the downloaded response from FormsCentral.


          There are feature requests for Digital Signatures in our "Ideas" page where you can add or vote on an idea, you can go there and add or vote for an idea:

          You can view existing ideas here: http://forums.adobe.com/community/formscentral?view=idea

          If you need to add an idea click the "Create Idea" link in the top right but there is a request for adding Echosign digital signatures here you could vote on:  http://forums.adobe.com/ideas/2916




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