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    "The Installation Failed" on Mac

    Tilles80 Level 1

      hi there,


      Just downloaded EB 2.1 for Mac, but it's not completing the installation.

      Running on OS 10.7.5


      I get the screen below:
      Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 16.10.33.png


      Have anyone had this problem?



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          Could you provide more information? What Flash Builder version are you using? Do you have previous version of EB installed? In which step did the installation failed?


          Most likely the error occured during the silent install of Flash Builder 4.6. Please make sure you have your Flash Builder uninstalled or previous version of EB uninstalled, Flash Builder not running, Adobe Application Manager not running when you run the installer.

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            Tilles80 Level 1

            thanks for the answer, I didn't have FB or EB installed.


            Just closed all Adobe softwares and Creative Cloud Manager and it worked!