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    An edge mind bender

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      This might not be possible but, it's worth asking.


      So, I have an Edge site that i broke up into 18 parts.  One page serves as the master page where users can access 17 other pages


      When the user clicks a link from this page, let's say the introduction, it opens a new window


      window.open("intro.html", "_self")


      Inside of this intro page i have a button that takes the user back to the master page.


      How can i tell the master page to load elements based on where the user came from?


      I started to save all my html files as exported symbols and importing them back into the master page and using show() and hide() as i need them


      This works but i think usablity is going to take a hit due to the assest in every html page


      Here's a link


      Hit the skip intro link to get to the master page.  There's an annyoing "select units" box that i threw in just to force the default of each unit