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    Indesign Prints dropping lines


      When I export a PDF from Indesign, the file looks fine and reads as it should.  However, when I actually print the file, lines partially drop out of the drawing.  I have test printed using a few different print settings, and have even flattened the transparency of an affected linked Illustrator file to check if produces a desirable result.  Nothing has worked so far.  Is there somethign I am missing/not doing, is it a printer problem alone, or must I do somethign else?  Thank you for your help.

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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          We would need much more information than you provide. Solid lines? Thickness (as measured in Acrobat's Output Preview=>Object Inspector or even from within InDesign? Line color? Printer type and resolution?


          Can we assume you are using Acrobat or Reader to print?


                    - Dov

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            kevin.m.marino Level 1

            Both solid and dashed lines, though mostly occurs with solid lines.  Thickness appears to be as little as .1 or as much as .3, though lineweights are from the Illustrator linked file and some images are scaled to fit page of indesign file. Line colors are a variety: black, gray, or 50% black.  There are several files with different combinations of the above.  The printer type is an HP Officeject Pro 8600 and resolution is believed to be printing at 600 x 600 dpi from Indesign or using Adobe PDF Preset [Smallest File Size] settings when exported to PDF and viewed/printed with Adobe Reader

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              Bill Byers Level 2

              The lines are probably just too fine for your printer to reproduce. For example, a .1-point line is just 1/720th of an inch thick - that's smaller than the 1/600th inch dot that your printer can print. If an imported file with a fine line was reduced in InDesign, the line might be even thinner than that. Acrobat Pro can identify (see Post #1 above) and even fix fine lines in the PDF, but I don't think Reader can - I don't have a recent version of Reader with which to test.