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    APE11 will not recognize any blu-ray media


      I have APE11 and attempting to burn a project to blu-ray. My problem is that APE11 recognizes the blu-ray burner but will not recognize any blu-ray discs. I have tried various BD-R and BD-R DL discs to no avail. I receive a "Media not present" message. If I select the same burner but choose to create a DVD, I receive a "Incompatible disc" message. This leads me that it sees the discs but I'm not sure what's up with the blu-ray option. The blu-ray discs are Verbatim and Windows recognizes the discs as well. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What Blu-ray burner do you have? Is it recognized in the Device Manager under DVD/CD-ROM drives? Driver and Firmware up to date?


          What burn software came with the Blu-ray burner? If it is part of the CyberLink family, can you use the PowerProducer of the series to burn to Blu-ray disc format on a Blu-ray disc using these Blu-ray discs that Premiere Elements burn dialog is labelling "Media Not Present"? I would like to see the results of that test if possible.


          Just to get it out of the way (maybe helpful), let us flush the preferences...


          Assuming your Premiere Elements 11 is on Windows 7 or 8 64 bit....

          Local Disk C






          Premiere Elements


          and in the 11 Folder is the Adobe Premiere Elements Prefs Folder that you delete. If that does not work, then delete the whole 11 Folder in which it exists.Make sure that you are working with Folder Options/Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives active so that you can see the path described.


          If that does not work, a complete Deactivation from Help Menu/Deactivate followed by the usual Control Panel uninstalled followed by reinstall may be in order. I am hoping the results from a CyberLink PowerProducer burn to may give us some valuable information so that we do not have to resort to uninstall/reinstall.


          Are you using BD-R 25 GB 2X? What is this BD-R DL? Is that the 50 GB for Blu-ray? Do you have any BD-RE 25 GB 6X? How much are you planning on putting on this Blu-ray disc in terms of Space Required and duration?


          Let us start here and then we can decide what next.





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            robertjeffrey Level 1

            Thanks for the suggestions. Here's some info.

            Win8 64

            Burner = Asus BW-14D1XT

            It is also seen in the Device Manager.

            I removed the preferences file. Launched APE again but same results.

            Media that I have tried is BD-R 25GB 6X and BD-R DL 50GB 6X. I have a 12 min vid that I plan on putting on the disc.

            CyberLink performed a successful burn.


            Here's some additional info. I also have Pro/Encore and Encore also recognizes the media. I would use it to create the bluray if the project had not been created in APE. I didn't see a way to create a menu in Encore with an APE project.





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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              You could always export the Premiere Elements 11 project as Publish+Share/Computer/AVCHD with presets for .mts or .mp4 and 1920 x 1080 frame size.


              I do not work in the Pro series, but what about Premiere Elements CS5 Encore...that should support burn to Blu-ray on Blu-ray disc as well as either .m2t or .mp4.


              Please let us know if any of the above is a possibiity.


              Other than a complete and clean, deactivate, uninstall, and reinstall, I would need to think about this some more.


              More later.



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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                If you have Encore, you should be able to Export/Share/Publish to an H.264 w/ BD specs., Import that as a Timeline in En, do your navigation and author/burn from there.


                Obviously, from PrE, you will not have ADL (Adobe Dynamic Link), but the Export and Import should work just fine.


                I have no ideas why Encore will see your blank media, but PrE will not. They both use much of the same Sonic AuthorCore modules, but obviously, there are differences, as Encore is a full-featured authoring app., where PrE is somewhat limited, and quite linear in its operation.


                Maybe others will have some thoughts on that issue.



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                  robertjeffrey Level 1

                  Thanks ATR and Bill, I'm going to do just that. Publish to an H.264 file and then just create the menu in Encore. I just purchased Pro and haven't gotten to use it yet so this will be a good start with using Encore. I usually can figure out most things on my own but I just cried mercy on this one.


                  Thanks again for the suggestion.



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    If you get hung up with Encore, there is a great, and very active Encore Forum: http://forums.adobe.com/community/encore There are a lot of very helpful folk there, and they can answer any questions that arise.


                    Good luck,



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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Thanks for the follow up.


                      I came across the following Adobe TV video tutorials on Premiere Pro CS6 and Encore CS6 and Blu-ray. Hope you find them of interest for taking your Premiere Elements Timeline to completion in Encore for the special menus, followed by the burn to Blu-ray there..


                      http://tv.adobe.com/watch/davtechtable/using-premiere-pro-cc-encore-cs6-for-bluray-dvd-and -interactive-video-for-ipadatv-and-mobile-hd/




                      I am sorry that Premiere Elements and the suggested workaround for your special disc menu needs could not do the job for you. Although this is the Premiere Elements Forum and I am strictly an Elements user, I would appreciate learning of the outcome.


                      If you need any assistance in the way of suggested export settings for your Premiere Elements Timeline for the subsequent use in Encore, please do not hesitate to ask.