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    can someone help me with adobe digital editions on win xp home sp3?

    mark rowsey

      i can not get adobe digital editions 2.0 to start and install. so after some fustration i tried to install it through add remove programs.


      it told me it failed cause it was out of memory so i adjusted my virtual memory by alot and then that error went away but come sback every time i try this.


      now before i countinue explaining my problem i will say this i screwed up installing windows and my c:\drive is my F: drive so F: has taken the place of C:\




      then a following error states simply and irritatingly

      The file F:\""F:\Documents cannot be found.

      and then forces application quit


      whats annoying is that a much older version of adobe digital editions installed just fine on my computer. earlier today that i got from the related thread



      I had 2.0 on this computer before i was forced to format and reinstall everything.


      any help would be greatly appreciated.