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    gloss mask

    Yamit Shahar



      1) I just want to ask if there any way to make gloss mask on letters in Edge animate? and if the answer is yes, what is the way?


      2) As you tells, Edage animate dosnt support in old browsers (like explorer 8) and we need to defin

      fallback.....So the big question is how to that :-)?


      I'll appreciate your answers.


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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, Yamit-


          I'm not sure about what a gloss mask is, so if you can explain that a little more in detail, that would be great.


          To define the fallback, you should place whatever images, etc. you would like in the Down-level Stage.  You can get to it either in the Stage's property panel (there's an "Edit..." button there) or by navigating via menu to View > Down-level Stage.


          Hope that helps!



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            Yamit Shahar Level 1

            Hi, Elaine,

            First, thanks for your answering.


            When I wrot about gloss mask I meant to make the object shine.

            In Flash I usually take the object I want will be masked and above him make a layer with shape and gradient and then give this layer motion and define as a mask layer. the result is that the object that I defined as a masked layer is shinning.



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              AMULI Level 4

              Hi Yamit,


              Not sure I understand completely your interesting Flash masking technique, but it seems that the layer you use as a mask is a free-form shape (deriving from the object you make shine).


              The problem in Edge is that masking is limited to rectangular masks (you can trim with overlay = hidden and with the four clip values).


              A workaround is to make the freeform masking in your graphics editor and export it as a PNG32 file that you'll import into Edge :




              You could also resort to CSS3 :





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                elainecc Adobe Employee

                Hi, Yamit-


                Gil is correct; this is a limitation of non-canvas HTML, unfortunately.  I was able to get a little bit of a mechanical shine by running an opaque bar across some text, but it's not going to give you every curve the way that it would with a custom mask.  You can also play with the text-shadow property to see if it'll give you what you want if overlaid and offset correctly, but it's not going to give you the pixel perfect look you're probably looking for.


                Hopefully that gives you a little more to work with!