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    Using FrameMaker with RoboHelp

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          Just a comment, not on the content of this documentation, but on how easy it is to find (and that is: difficult!)

          I have TCS4, but if I click the Help menu in FrameMaker, it takes me to the vanilla-flavour FrameMaker11 help pages, which do not include these extra TCS4 pages. It took me a couple of weeks of hit-and-miss searching online before I realised they existed.

          I'd suggest they either be included in the FM11 online help (flagged with a caveat that they only apply to TCS4), or at least with a clickable hyperlink to them.

          The specific info I wanted was how to link a FrameMaker into a RoboHelp book by reference, which can only be done in TCS4, and is only explained here - but you can't get here directly from the TCS4 apps' Help menus.