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    AMS Linux download link is broken

    DanelKirch Level 1

      Since ti cant find any mail to send this issue to, ill post it here in hope someone in team will notice it.


      When trying to download Linux version och Media Server Starter, it does not start...


      the reason is when looking in Developer tools in chrome, seems there's URL problem,

      Chromes tries to download Linux file from:

      1. Request URL:http://www.adobe.com%20http//trials3.adobe.com/AdobeProducts/NoSAP/5/all/AdobeMediaServerS tarter_5_x64_LS1_All.zip


      As you see there's adobe.com at the beginning that breaks the link due missing colon in real url i guess.

      Here is the real link that also works, if anyone needs it.


      1. http://trials3.adobe.com/AdobeProducts/NoSAP/5/all/AdobeMediaServerStarter_5_x64_LS1_All.z ip