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      Hi there hope some one has come this far with master and nested Templates regions on css controlled pages using Contribute 3

      I use absolutely no tables in my sites, have been building pure 3 columb liquid css sites for some time and
      have them working across all main browsers, they work well and are search engine friendly as no table tags cluttering the code and text easier to find key words for the robots

      So i set up contribute and it is easy ,works great on two columb fluid css pages nicely can do all the editing of text and images and so forth it lays out well in the edit page

      I am using multiple editable regions nested inside a master template region have followed and understood all instructions all looks well page lays out well all style is held wonderful

      When trying to edit my three columb page the following happens

      I go to the edit page
      I only want to edit the central and right hand columb
      I can make changes in the central columb easy but the rigth hand side columb seems to have no editing ability as cant select any text etc and it seems to be pushed out of shape and position , which i must say makes the page look confused, thinking from a customer point of veiw here if they don't see the page exactly as it is Meltdown is achieved rapidly and also cant change content in that columb

      Any way any ideas out there

      Would appreciate some help here in New Zealand

      kiwi Bill
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          I feel your pain. I'm a beginner with Contribute and Dreamweaver Templates but have been using CSS for a while. I've found that Contribute doesn't understand Floats very well, at least for presentation in the editing page. It's extremely frustrating. I tell my users to ignore how it looks in Contribute and to always preview the page before it is published. They are learning to work around it. Here's an article that touches on the problem: http://www.communitymx.com/content/article.cfm?page=2&cid=1413D

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            Kiwi_Bill Level 1
            Kia Ora Gailg

            Hey thanks For that A great reassurance that Im not doing some thing completely Wrong, I was about to head back to my code this has saved a lot of time

            Will try to Get my head around it "Bit of a perfectionist "

            Might try and place the columb differently HMMMMMM

            Time keeps on ticking

            Regards Bill