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    Is Muse going to offer in browser editing?

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      If you tell me that they offer it now, punch yourself in the face. The in browser editing option that is currently offered is basically saying:


      'okay so look, we created this awesome program made for those who want to create a visually incredible site, but if you are making the site for anyone else other than yourself, you're going to have to forget about literally all of the cool features muse offers and go back to the basics of the basics. We offer in browser editing, for those of you who have a website of text and a few pictures.'




      That’s not an alternative! It’s a complication.


      I love Muse but holy s***. Muse offers in browser editing? No, it doesn’t.


      If you moved to a house in an area that was very cold, you’d want to know if the house has heating right? You’d ask your relator (let’s call him Mr. Muse) “Mr. Muse, does our house have heat?”


      Mr. Muse would respond, “Yes, of course! It’s great!” and as you walked into the door, Mr. Muse would give you a little hand warmer and said, “here’s your house’s heat!”


      Saying that you have this feature is so much more frustrating than just not even offering it because saying that you have it gives me, and anyone else who wanted this feature, pointless hope.

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          Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Because the Business Catalyst system is the best choice for in browser editing. The Muse  version of it is a scaled down version of the Business Catalyst version. And that is the way it should be in my opinion. Clients can mess things up in a hurry.


          Upgrading your Business Catalyst site plan should give you all of the most common features for editing content.


          Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 9.30.18 AM.png

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            JuPriceAdobe Adobe Employee

            In browser editing currently runs on the BC backend exclusively. BC has a rich featureset that supports e-commerce, webforms with data storage in a contact management system, blogging, customer driven content, etc. These extra features are not integrated into Muse currently, but we leverage the server for the running of our in browser editing system.


            When you signup for Muse, you get free BC hosting for 3-5 sites depending on your subscription.  You can use these "tokens" not only for your site, but for any of your clients.


            In regards to IBE and its current implementation, it supports much of the widgets in Muse for replacement of text and images including navigating through different tabs of content, etc.  There are certain scenarios that are not supported, and we evaluate where to focus on improvments based on customer feedback. If you have some specific editing scenarios that restrict your abilities please feel free to send me your concerns at juprice@adobe.com


            IBE has to run on a server somewhere that we control so we can maintain the application. There are possiblities that in the future we may have the ability to allow editing of websites on hosts other than BC using IBE but we don't have anything further to announce at this time.



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