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    unable to turn pages


      I installed Adobe digital editions 3x.  I have repaired it as instructed.  No matter what I do it does not turn pages.  Yes, I have rebooted.  Yes, I have installed, uninstalled and installed.  Yes, I have repaired.  Yes, I have a new computer.  Yes, I have read all the FAQs.  Yes, I have authorized my computer.  I cannot turn pages.  In fact, the turn page symbol arrow is not highlighted.  I cannot use clicks, arrows or page down.  I cannot even read the manual that comes with the intstallation because it is frozen.  Yes, I have Adobe reader and it works fine.  Yes, I have registered in adobe.  Please, can I call someone?

      Thank you

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          I seem to have the same problem when using my installation in Windows 8. If I move the scrollbar or uses 'page down', the page number at the bottom changes but the new page is not shown in the window. Not until I for instance toggle to or from full screen the new page is rendered. It works fine in another computer under Windows 7.


          I tried to ask the support chat but they wouldn't help me since they only support handling the digital access rights to documents and such. Since ADE is offerred for free the support is limited, they said.

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            I'm having the exact same problem.


            If anyone has a solution, please help.


            Are there any other programs that would work?

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              Hi again,


              The solution is to install ADE 1.7.2 according to the following Forum thread: http://support.muse.adobe.com/message/5578356


              At least this older version of ADE solved my case.





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                I downloaded a book from a library and have no choice but to use adobe digital editions, which is forced on us but not supported.  It is impossible to scroll through the text or move page by page.  One can skip way ahead with arrows, but one cannot move through the text.  So the program (4.0) is useless, but it's the only one offered, *AND* it isn't supported by the company that made it.  Sweet deal to be an adobe exec.

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                  I had a similar problem, and I found a solution...My ADR is the 2.0 version which does the job reasonably well.  To "turn the pages", use the scroll bar on the right.  To enlarge the print, it's control = (equal); to reduce the print, use control - (dash).  Hope this helps!  I would much rather use my e-reader or Overdrive Read.  I agree, it's an absolute shame these products are marketed to the benefit of the respective companies and we have to waste our precious time trying to find a solution.  Good Luck!