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    Native Application Toolkit replacement in CC 9.1

    g_miles33 Level 1

      Hi All

      I hope this is in the right forum. As I have posted in the InDesign SDK forum 'http://forums.adobe.com/message/5637169#5637169'


      I have dialogs written with Extension builder 2.1, targeting CS5 to CC.


      I just update CC to 9.1 and the NativeApplicationToolkit does not work anymore.


      I have found the replacement  for the DispatchEvent method within ICSXSPlugPlugEventHandler in the InDesign SDK, but I am also using the functions ‘PlugPlugErrorCode LoadExtension(const char* inExtensionID)’ and ‘PlugPlugErrorCode UnloadExtension(const char* inExtensionID)’.

      So My Question is What are the replacement for these two calls(LoadExtension and UnloadExtension) in the InDesign CC SDK?

      Thanks for the help

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          Hi g_miles33!


          I wonder the exact same thing. I need to load an extension on startup (that is, not by the user triggering a menu item), and I can't find a way to do it. Have you (it's been almost 4 months since you posted)?


          Does anyone know if/when the InDesign SDK may be updated to provide these functions?

          Or will a new version of the Native Application Toolkit (surprisingly) be released?