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    Audio transitions -

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      I am trying to get my audio mixed, but I cannot make PPr to align the transitions in the middle of two clips. Same on the end of a clip: the audiotrack lies right underneath another, I want to crossfade them - I want the first to fade out underneath the one which is coming in.  No chance: the transition applied just fades out, the alignment settings in effects-controll-window are greyed out/unclickable.


      There is a way, right?

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          I have found out, that allmost all of my clips have those little triangles at the end - that is suppose to mean, "last frame". But those are no subclips! How could that happen? I looked in an earlier version - their the clips a just the way they are suppose to be (no triangles; audiotrans  crossfades in the middle, when the two clips lie head-to-head.)


          PS: As I think of it, the version without the triangles was the first cut. I took the project along and worked on it on my Labtop. Then I came back to the office and reconnected the project to the (original) Clips.  Does the clips lose their Masterclip-status when you reconnect them?   

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            Sorry, for the monologue, but I now understand what has happended:

            PPr has extracted all the audiotracks from the video, they are all wavs now! No wonder, that there is now space for a crossfade.


            But: how could that have happened?


            PS: audiotracks ar all green, not blue anymore.