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    Need help with crazy custom calculations code in Acrobat XI pro


      Im trying to calculate some text feilds together and just cant figure it out.  I have two text feild boxes that I would input certain numbers to calculate in, Textfeild D5 and D6,  once the user supplies the numbers in the D5 and D6   I need a text feild (D9) to calculate and produce a number thats used in another calculation. Any help would be greatly appriciated. Im good at HTML and CSS but only begining with javascript. Im using acrobat XI pro and I put this code in the custom javascript area within the text feld "D9" properties.


      var Dsix = +getField("D6").value;

      var Dfive = +getFeild("D5").value;



      var B2 = 0.37;

      var B3 = 0.45;

      var B4 = 0.53;



      if (Dsix = 15){

      D9.value = B2*Dfive;




      if (Dsix = 30){

      D9.value = B3*Dfive;




      if (Dsix = 45){

      D9.value = B4*Dfive;