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    Contribute cannot verify your connection information... Please notify your administrator."

      After a initial network error last night, The Shared Settings file was zapped. Contribute decided I was no longer the Admin, and the Editor's connection also disappered.

      I found the note that's pasted here, in the Contribute Forums.
      "connect to your server (using 3rd party ftp client) and delete the _mm folder located on the root of the website - recreate your connections and that should solve the issue"

      I deleted the _mm folder. When I tried creating the connection anew, contribute said, "Contribute cannot verify your connection information... home/justandpeacefu/html/. Please notify your administrator." Now it's the same error every time. I am unable to make the new _mm folder.

      Contribute Tech support sent me an email which didn't help. It's at the very bottom.
      Items 1-4 in the email are not the problem.
      I am able to connect to the server, after the tech support person reset something there.
      I can make folders, and pages in FTP application;
      there are no special characters;
      permissions are fine;
      Item 5 did not have any effect. I turned off Apple's personal firewall, quit contribute, and tried again. Unsuccessful. Same error.


      Text from Tech Support:
      As we have discussed on the phone earlier today, here are common causes of getting a "cannot verify connection information" when creating a connection in Contribute:

      1. Not enough permissions on the root of the website - Make sure you have enough permissions on the root of the website. Using third party FTP software, verify that you are able to create folders, upload and rename files, and delete files on the root of the website.

      2. There are special characters on the folder name of the folder you are trying to connect to - Avoid special characters as Contribute is not so compatible with them.

      3. Incompatible FTP connection settings: When you are asked to enter your FTP account information in the connection wizard, click the advanced button. Make sure that the only options selected are: "Choose FTP Server Settings Manually" and "Use Passive FTP to connect to the server".

      4. Verify that the FTP server is pointing to your web server. Example: upload any temporary HTML file on the root of your website; when you visit the URL: http://[your_server you should see the page render; You should not get a "Page cannot be found".

      5. Turn off any software firewall / antivirus running on the background to isolate possibly conflicting processes.