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    Can I add a garbage matte to One camera in a Multicam sequence?


      Okay, I have a two camera sequence shot with a DSLR and a GoPro. The GoPro is in the DSLR's shot but it is really small on a pile of books. You wouldn't notice it if I hadn't had the blasted LEDs on in the GoPro's settings!


      Fortunately, the DSLR was on sticks, there is only one small move in the sequence and that can be covered with GoPro's shot.


      Can I mask the GoPro's LEDs  and key the DSLR shot over a copy of the same shot slipped about a second out so that the lights flash out of sync (and theoretically disappear). Can I then open the multicam sequence as a new sequence and do a live cut between the GOpro and the composite DSLR shot? Or will the mask effect both cameras? What order should the video tracks be in?