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    Conditional Text: Frame 11--> RH 10


      I am currently running TCS 4 under Windows 7.


      In TCS 2.5, I  had Frame books that were linked to RH projects. I had conditional text  in the Frame files.  I would set those in Frame, set Frame to display  only the tags I wanted, and I then updated to book so that the TOC/Index  would  reflect the content.


      I  then updated my RH projects.  When I did this, only the content defined  by the conditional text settings was included in the updated files.   I did not have to deal with conditional text in RH in any way, shape or form.


      Now, in TCS4, when I go through my same procedures, I get all the content in RH (including the conditional tags), regardless of the conditional Show/Hide setting. Has Adobe changed the way that conditional text is processed?  if so, where can I get information on the new rules?


      I do not want to have to deal with conditional text tags in both Frame and RH.