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    CS6 Brush Presets Problem, Please Help!!!


      I have included an image to show you what I'm talking about.


      I have some ABR files (blue, red, & brown numbered files) that I have combined to make new ABR files (blue, red & brown corresponding files marked as "M"). The problem is, after creating & saving my new ABR files, I went into the Presets/Brushes folder & deleted the original individual (blue, red & brown numbered files) ABR files. HOWEVER, as you can clearly see, they're still in my selection list in CS6!!! The whole reason for doing this was ease of accessing certain types of brushes & to clean that list! If I can't figure out how to remove the DELETED ABR files from the list, it will be huge by the time I'm done!!! I have closed & re-opened CS6, hoping that will "refresh" my brush selection list. As you can see, it most definitely has not.

      -Very irritated


      Blessed Be & Thanx!