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    Really Adobe? Really

    Joe Bodego Newcomer

      Why can't i open the settings for camera Raw?




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          Curt Y Ninja

          This message appears if you have not launched the partent application, or most likely if you have an exprired trial on your computer.


          If you need help the OS, product and version is quite useful.

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            Joe Bodego Newcomer

            Absolotely Not, just upgraded to photoshop cc, it worked for a month then nothing now. Look i know whats going to happen her, this is never going to be fixed, there is always an excuse that blames the user. I am so damn sick of Adobe.

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              Curt Y Ninja

              Not a good way to want others to help you.  But your choice.

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                Trevor.Dennis Mythic

                Not a good way to fix the problem either if you are blind it being anyone's fault but your own.

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                  gener7 Mythic

                  I had this above error message today. If you get signed out of Creative Cloud, it deactivates your apps. Bridge then tells you there are no qualifying products and does not launch Adobe Camera Raw.


                  Sign back into CC and your apps are activated. Camera Raw will once again launch normally from Bridge.


                  I expected the 30-99 day window, but the the Windows version of CC randomly signs out and deactivates CC apps.



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                    c.pfaffenbichler Legend

                    This is a user to user Forum (dedicated to Photoshop by the way, there is a Bridge Forum, too), so you are not really addressing Adobe here, even though some Adobe employees thankfully have been dropping by.

                    But the title »Really Adobe? Really« would seem to be a bad choice either way.

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                      Noel Carboni Mythic

                      We all, as fellow users, feel the frustration you're feeling from time to time, but try to move past it or you're simply going to make your own predictions come true.


                      Part of what you pay in lieu of lots of money for computer resources that used to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars is that YOU are the system integrator.  Sometimes YOU have to work out what's wrong and change things so it doesn't happen again.  People who run their computers well and know what they're doing don't often have these problems.


                      So please relax and let us help you fix it.  I'm betting one of the above suggestions, such as logging out/into the Creative Cloud, is already going to help.



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                        Noel Carboni Mythic

                        Just out of curiosity, what happens if you DO launch Photoshop once, then try what you're doing again?



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                          gener7 Mythic

                          Hi Noel. I think Joe Bodego has long left the thread,so for future reference, just wanted everyone to know sometimes they get randomly and unknownly logged out. (Usually Windows)


                          So if they first go to Bridge and get the above error message when trying to launch ACR, that's the reason.


                          This is just for everyone else's notes.



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                            Curt Y Ninja



                            Thanks for the heads up about this issue.  Will probably not be the last time we hear about it.