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    Adobe Premiere CC, Trying to Sync 2 camera for Multi cam edit.

    Baz R Level 3



      I am at present trying out Premeire CC, my workflow is usually a minimum of a 2 camera shoot for weddings, what I am trying todo in CC is to try and sync all the clips together for a multi cam sequence ready to edit.


      I have followed various options fropm Adobe TV and some you tube videos with no luck.


      I have 2 folders imported one folder for cam 1 and second folder for cam 2. I  select all the clips and select the new multi cam option, and choose audio for syncing. CC status bar come up and looks like it is syncing, however at the end a error comes up saying one or more clips could not be synced.


      at present with CS6 I put both camera footage on one timeline video 1 video 2, I then export as an xml, and use red giant plural eyes for syncing, I then import xml back into premiere, and all files are synced pretty good. I would say 90 to 100% of time without to many issues.


      can some one advise if this is possble is CC, if so whats the best method. thank you



      Windows 7 64