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    Stop it you are killing me!

    garethirwin1234 Level 1

      I have installed the latest indesign service update.


      Things for me are taking a terrible tumble. On my Quad core i7 iMac its so slow, it actually complains if I type to fast. Honest this is true. If I type to fast the mac makes the 'incorrect' donk noise. I have resorted to typing in word and pasting in. Scrolling is near on impossible, its a disaster.


      But worse. I was the one at work that pushed for 5 other team members using publisher to move to the 'superior' indesign. I am starting to look like a right plank.


      Here are the various issues I am getting it in the ear for all on PC:


      • So slow, unusable, work flow seriously effected, publisher may be crap but its fast
      • Randomly people cannot use sliders in panels, they can tab around but their mouse has no effect in the panel
      • People seriously fed up with opening the app to find their prefs all gone and indesign reverted to that god awful dark look
      • Trying to print randomly results in 'indesign has encountered an error and will now explode'
      • When saving a book it keeps on wanting a new save even though it already exists.
      • Its crash friendly, only redeemed by the fact it does at least back up.


      I am at a loss what to tell these people. Yes of course I am venting a bit here, but genuinely what can we do about these issues. At the minute publisher has been reverted to and the company wants to know why they purchased five new PC's, Screens and CC when its just not getting the results.