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    AEGP Plugin MediaIO Plugin:MediaIO2 error:0x4 not enough memory to complete this encoding (5027::12)


      I am working on a video project in After Effects CS4 (with Trapcode Particular preset) that's 2:12 minutes long on a Windows 7 operating

      system. I'm finished editing for the most part, but everytime I put the video in Render Queue it renders the video for a few seconds (sometimes minutes) and then stops with this message appearing: "After Effects logged one error: AEGP Plugin Media IO Plugin: MediaIO2 error: 0x4 not enough memory to complete this encoding (5027::12)". After I closed this message I checked the part of the video that did render was where I saved it to be as a normal file on my Desktop. I made this video with 2 compositions: 1 for the actual importing and editing and the 2nd for the rendering and thinning it out (this is because when I import the footage from my camera it's always very wide in after effects) There is nothing particularly abnormal about the video, not very heavy or anything and most of it isn't animated, just film. The size of the source material for the video is about 4.0 to 8.7MB. Capture.GIF  





      Computer's Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU  T5500 @ 1.66GHz

      Computer's RAM: 2.00