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    How can I add a fillable table to my form?


      How do I create a form that includes a fillable table in FormsCentral?  I need to create a form that is similar to an order form with multiple spaces available for Quantity, Item Description, and Cost.  Then I need it to calculate a total cost for all items.  Can I do that using FormsCentral?  If not, what is your solution?  Keeping in mind that I want people to be able to complete the form electronically instead of pringing it and filling it out.



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          Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

          Forms created/designed in FormsCentral don't support calculations. FormsCentral also doesn't support tables on the form. You can add fields side by side but it won't be exactly like a table. You best solution is to create a PDF outside of FormsCentral. You can use Acrobat to add form fields and caulculations to your form.


          Once you have the PDF Form you can import it in FormsCentral to collect data electronically. People will need to fill out your Submission enabled PDF Form using Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader or Adobe Reader Mobile and then press the submit button added by FormsCentral to send the data electronically to your Response Table inside FormsCentral.


          hope this helps