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    Workflow for combining C300, C100 and GoPro?


      I'm working on a feature documentary and have an overwhelming amount of Canon C300 (MXF), C100 (MTS) and GoPro (MOV) footage.

      I'm editing with premiere pro CC and the problem is everything is slowing down and crashing now that there is so much footage in different formats.


      What I'd love to do now is convert everything to a universal standard, edit using that, and then relink the media later to the raw footage. I was thinking of converting all the footage to MOV and downgrading to the resolution (720 or even 480) so that the raw footage doesn't take up so much space.


      Is this the best way to do this? Will all the files relink later? Does anyone have advice on a good codec to do this in?


      Any and all help is appreciated, I'm desperate to fix this problem and get back to editing!