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    Any methods for developing more complex sites with BC, like server-side functionality?


      I am trying to assess BC's potential from a developer's perspective and am having a lot of trouble finding my way through the available documentation and forums since the resources are relatively fragmented.


      For example, what do you do when a client comes to us wanting a more dynamic web app that requires a more involved database than the Web App features can provide, or dynamically interacts with the db on the server, or needs to interface with external systems in a secure way without putting auth info right in the javascript when BC doesn't provide access to the server outside of the limited SOAP API. I'm seeing only contacts, orders, and cases in the SOAP API? It looks like a "Web App" is the only way to store data in a database on the website, but there is no API for accessing that data, even from the javascript on the same origin domain.

      We are already invested in BC enough to want to stick with it, but is there anyone out there that is finding creative ways to fill BC's feature gap? Maybe some hybrid between BC and a more conventional server-side setup hosted elsewhere?


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          TheBCMan Adobe Community Professional

          Agreed on alot of your points above, the documentation is extremely fragmented IMO, to answer your question, it depends on what your customer is asking regarding server side stuff, there is quite alot of things AJAX, CSS and Javascript can do with BC, rewriting pages, redisplaying pages, moving things around etc.


          With regards to the API, yes nothing we can do about WebApps data currently, I have stored data before as part of cases (database) API and used the API to pull that data down. You can also store all your data in JSON (text) into large text fields as part of cases, but it starts to get a little messy in the admin tool.


          What sort of things are you looking to do and I'm sure we can suggest some ways to work with BC.