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    On export, strange color bleeding/alpha-channel-ish problem but no alpha . . .

    LorinK2922 Level 1

      I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this.  When I tried to export a project from Premiere today, I got some unwanted rainbow colors on the white text.  The video clip was made in After Effects.  I assumed that I must have been caused by an alpha channel (as I think I have seen something similar to this before with alpha screw ups), or some other unusual setting. But codec is straightforward and frequently used (Avid HD). The file from AE looks fine.  It looks fine on the Premiere timeline.  Only the export from Premiere is screwed up.  Every codec I tried - H.264, MP2 . . always the same issue.  The only type that didn't screw it up was DV AVI.  But this is SD resolution is no good for me; it was just a test.  Does anyone have any ideas what may have caused this.


      premiere issue.png