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    need some help with extruded/3d text


      ok first off, hello all, I am very new to this application, but have bought a video that has taught me some of the basics, and tinkered with others. my issue is as follows.


      I have created a scene, that has a picture layer, with a text layer applied to it. it says AAIIINNZ  i then created each text letter, and laid them over top the image. i then made each 3d, and extruded them some to make them look 3d. i then lowered them along the Z axis so that they are under the picture layer. (of course there is a ton more in the scene, but this is the relevant part to this querey,


      what i am trying to do, is animate the letters up along the Z axis, to make them look like they have popped out of the picture, spin them around a tornado ive added, and then slam down, in the proper order of my nick, INZAINIA.

      ive gotten it all to work, everything looks great BUT the text is white. ive added a cam, and multiple light sources, and its mostly still white.  the background image they are rising off of, is a brushed metal image, is there a way to apply this texture to the letters, so they look correct? and if so how would i go about doing so?. even a color change to grey would probably work.  one hangup and the entire project is put on hold lol. thanks in advance for any help offered.