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    How frequently should I expect to have to sign in when using Ps CC?

    davidl11 Level 1

      I have the annual single application license for Photoshop CC.  I am using a Win 7 64-bit computer. 


      I have noticed that at what seem to be random times Photoshop will require me to sign in.  I would estimate that this happens approximately once or twice in a 7 day period.  Abut to minutes after it happened most recently, I opened Creative Cloud and it too asked me to sign in.  I thought that was extremely odd, as I would have thought that all the Adobe Creative Cloud programs on my computer would 'share' the fact that I was signed in.


      I should note that I do not sign out, as I have no reason to do so.  Thus that can't be the reason I am asked to sign in. 


      And perhaps this behavior of the software is perfectly normal, and if so, that's fine.  But I just want to know if everything is working like it should.