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    support for importing xmp data from jpgs?

    Joergen Geerds Level 1

      online docu states that premiere and AE will read xmp data, but this seems to be restricted to meta information like author etc.


      does anybody know a hack how to make Premiere or AE interpret adjustments to a jpg file?


      steps to reproduce:

      1. take any jpg

      2. open it in bridge -> camera raw

      3. apply a drastic change (i.e. exposure -3EV)

      4. click done in ACR

      5. (the -3EV adjustment is now saved inside the xmp data inside the jpg file)

      6. preview in Bridge will show the changed file

      7. import the jpg into premiere or AE

      8. none of the xmp adjustments are honored


      is there a hack, and a way around this (without rendering a new jpg)?


      this would be a big help for all time lapse shooters out there.