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    Placing box exactly above the found text

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      Hi All,


      Can anyone help me on this, i need to place a box exactly above the found text in the story.




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          DaveSofTypefi Level 2

          What if the found text is on more than one line? More than one page?


          Assuming that neither of these is an issue and assuming that there's no rotation involved and assuming all the found text is the same size and assuming that it is not overset, this is a fairly easy task.


          myLeft = myFoundText.horizontalOffset;

          myRight = myFoundText.endHorizontalOffset;

          myBase = myFoundText.baseline;

          myBottom = myBase + myFoundText.descent;

          myTop = myBase + myFoundText.ascent;

          myBounds = [myTop, myLeft, myBottom, myRight];

          myFoundText.parentTextFrames[0].parentPage.rectangles.add({geometricBounds : myBounds});


          I just composed that here and haven't tested it, but it looks right. You might prefer to use fontSize or Leading to determine the height of the rectangle, but don't forget that text extends below its baseline.