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    AutoRun CD Help

      Hi everyone, this is my 1st post so hello to all

      Need a little help with some buttons on a auto run CD I’m creating for work, a media pack sort of thing

      Two questions I’ve got,

      1st I’m creating buttons that I want to link to other pages, i.e.

      AutoCAD blocks
      Price Guide

      Is it best to do this as different scenes in the same SWF file or would it be best to create a new SWF for each button and link to this.

      And how do I do this?????????
      2nd There’ll be files on the CD I want people to be able to download to there systems, if they wish.

      I’ve had a look on the net but can seem to find anything. So people will click on AutoCAD blocks button and it’ll ask them if they want to download them to there system and where they want to download them to

      Any help will be much appreciated


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          As to your first need, there is a couple of ways to do this, however, this is most likely your best bet...
          Create a new movie clip and name it something like "dropTarget".
          Place it on a layer below the layer that has your buttons. Creat a different .swf file for each separate item. Code your button links to use loadMovie, set the url and target and select the target as dropTarget. This will load the .swf into the movie clip you created named dropTarget.
          With your buttons on a layer above the .swf file, you will always be able to see them. Each button clicked will load a new .swf file into "dropTarget".

          As to your second need I will pass on that one!

          I hope you find this helpfull...
          You may email me at dconatser@we-design.com if you need an example.

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            1. Create a SWF for each section.

            2. You can use the CopyFile command in JSystem to copy files onto the user

            Read this


            and download the example file given.

            Also look at the online FAQ's


            Let us know if you have anymore questions.

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