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    Would uncompressing h.264 video from my Canon 60D to ProRes 422 help?

    Nani Love

      So I recorded a bunch of things with my Canon 60D. I use of course Premier CS6.


      I want to edit on my Windows PC but I cant seem to be able to encode. On Adobe Media Encoder I go to Quicktime>Video Coded but I dont see ProRes. On my Mac I see it. But not on my PC.

      I preffer editing on my PC because its a lot faster. And theres going to be VFX, and I tried a little color correcting with Speed Grade on my Mac but its super slow.

      Well of course it has an AMD Radeon 6750M 1gb but my pc has a Nvidia 660ti.


      I was researching this for hours now, so I decided to post a question. And I read something about how Premier Pro can natively just easily edit the h.264 and that it uses 64 bit and something like that.


      So can you pros please help me!


      Any suggestion?