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    Duplicating Sequences takes an absurd amount of time

    bkgarceau Level 1

      Just a simple issue I'd assume. I go to duplicate a sequence in Premire Pro CC, right click, duplicate. But just to get the Right Click menu to appear for the sequence I'd like to duplicate takes over a minute... for a simple duplicate task. Just gets hung up and gives me the pinwheel. If I'm patient enough it will finally come to an end. But when I go and actually select Duplicate it then hangs up again for about 20 seconds.


      What's going on? I don't understand why this shouldn't take 2 seconds. It's not copying any new media to a new project, its just making a copy.


      There's about 20 minutes of footage on the current sequence. Cutting on a Macbook Retina / Premiere Pro CC 7.0.1. Don't remember this issue from CS6, but I could be mistaken.



      Any ideas or work arounds?