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    Photoshop Elements Startup Problem


      Hi I am having a very annoying problem with Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 that I cannot get to the bottom off. We have 20 PCs in a school with the program installed but whenever anyone (and I mean anyone - standard domain user, administrator, local user) runs the editor it appears to startup ok but then it immediately freezes and you can't access any menus. It freezes for approximately 5 minutes then kicks in to life and works ok after that. I have determined that it must go and try to check something on the network because I figured out if I remove the network cable it starts ok. I've been through a number of attempts to fix this including the standards of reinstall (from a  local location, and a disk and a network location), install it on a new PC (PCs are all running Windows XP SP3) delete the preferences file, start it directly from a shortcut to the editor and not through the shortcut it creates.


      So my question is has anyone come across something similar and do you know what Elements Editor tries to do when it starts up.?



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          Hi, we are in a NSW DET school and have the exact same issue that has just started occuring.


          Start Adobe Photoshop Elements 10, click editor. Then when you click a menu or any other item it freezes (not responding) for around 5 mins.


          But same as you are experiencing, it works fine if network cable is unplugged first before opening!


          Windows 7 here though, not XP. Happening on all workstations i have tested so far.


          What the hell is going on?!

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            Hello, we are in a WA DET school and have the same problem. We are using both XP and Windows 7 machines and the problem is the same on all of them.


            Start Adobe Photoshop Elements 10, click editor. Then when you click a menu or any other item it freezes (not responding) for around 3 mins.


            Anyone know any solution to this?

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              swferguson Level 1

              This is interesting. I was starting to be of the believe that it must have been something that has changed on our network. I was thinking that when you start up editor the program tries to connect to an adobe website, possibly to check updates etc, and maybe a change in our proxy server has blocked access to the site. However the fact that it has started happening elsewhere seems to rule that probabilty out and maybe Adobe have changed something, ie the location of whichever site the program is attempting to contact at startup. Has anyone tried using the software outwith their school/business network? I am thinking about taking a PC home tonight and try it from there, or/and install the software on my own home PC and see if the same issue still occurs.


              I ran TCPView when opening the program which details all TCP connections that are occuring on the PC and any point. When you run the editor it returns the following as one of the connections (this is only there when Photoshop Elements is run and disappears after the program kicks in to life, so it definitely appears to be linked to the program):-


              server-54-230-3-3.lhr5.r.cloudfront.net http    SYN_SENT


              It also returns hundred of connectiona from our proxy just saying it is waiting but doesn't actually tell you what it is waiting on, other than concluding that it is access to the site above. I don't know if this site is anything to do with Adobe.

              Unfortuantely when you run Organiser the same connection also appears and I don't have any problems with Organiser just when you run editor.


              This is not getting any clearer.

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                Barbara B. Level 7

                My guess would be it's looking for the non-existent photoshop.com servers. Go into the organizer preferences and turn off all syncing/backup options.


                Try creating shortcuts for the editor and organizer .exe files, since I don't think there's any way to stop the welcome screen from running that check.

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                  swferguson Level 1

                  Thanks Barabra B for the input. Creating the shortcuts was one of the first things I tried after reading it a few times on here but unfortunately that made no difference. You mentioned turning off all syncing/backup options in Organizer. Where exactly are those? I had gone in previously and turned off 'Automatically Check for Services' which is in Organizer >>> Preferences >>> Adobe Partner Services, but I couldn't find anything else in the settings about syncing or backup in there. Incidentally turning off the automatic check for services made no difference.



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                    swferguson Level 1

                    I looked further into why I can't see any options for Backup/Syncing in Preferences and apparently it's because it is only available when you install the US version. As I am in the UK and installed that option I don't get any backup/sync option so that would appear to rule out that been the cause of the issue.


                    As mentioned in one of my earlier posts I was going to try install the software on my home PC and see if there is a recurrance of the problem when I am outwith the school network. So last night I installed it and ran it at home. There was an initial freeze when i did this but only for about 20 seconds on this occasion. A further 4-5 attempts to run the program all resulted in a reasonable startup time. So once again I am starting to think the problem is related to our proxy server, so I think I'll need to get someone that looks after that side to have a look at things. I still feel there should be a straight forward option within the program just to stop it trying to access the internet every time it starts.

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                      I have PSE 10 with the same behavior.


                      A network packet trace shows attempts to reach a particular servername at cloudfront.net on TCP port 80.

                      Yes, it's taking just about 3 minutes (160+ seconds).


                      I have been only using a shortcut to the Editor, and see the problem behavior.  There is nothing in the Preferences that gives me a clue about reaching out to the Internet.


                      I have just opened Organizer.  Under its preferences there are Adobe Partner Services.  All were checked on for checking automatically.   I have UNchecked them.  Closed PSE.  Restarted PSE.  Same behavior.


                      A packet trace shows:


                      1. PC asks for "static.photoshop.com"

                      2. The answer from DNS for that includes a reference to a 'cname':  d2rvjokk0fvmdi.cloudfront.net

                          The list of addresses has 8 entries. 

                      3. The PC tries to reach each of them.  Has to timeout/fail.  Then PSE lets me work okay. 


                      There appears to be some other hidden setting that PSE is acting upon.


                      I can't find any entry in the Windows Registry for 'static.photoshop.com', nor for any 'cloudfront.net'.  


                      Very frustrating.

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                        richjberke Level 1

                        I tried and found a somewhat devious workaround:  Add a dummy entry in my own host file for static.photoshop.com






                        PSE now starts without the lag.  (my PC rejects my own attempt to get a TCP port 80 session.)


                        I haven't found yet what that might break that I would be unhappy about.... for now I'm happy with the quick startup.

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                          swferguson Level 1

                          Thanks richjberke, your a genius. Adding static.photoshop.com entry to the host file has worked for me as well. I had played around with other entries in the host file but hadn't used that one. Like you I don't see that it is having an effect on anything else (or in fact that it particularly will). So I think I'll go down the route of using this as the fix for all our machines.

                          Well done.

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                            JoshFVDHS Level 1

                            Nice work richjberke that fix -   static.photoshop.com works for all of our XP and Windows 7 machine. Thanks mate!

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                              かっぱ巻 Level 4

                              Premiere Elements 11 and 12 fixed with the same solution !


                              Both of them launches without delay.



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                                Hi, glad this seems to be a solution to the same issue I've been having with Photoshop Elements 12.


                                Pardon my ignorance though but...how exactly do I add a dummy entry in my host file?  The host file text in the indicated folder on my computer is below. Where and how should i add it?


                                Thank you so much for your help!




                                # Copyright (c) 1993-2009 Microsoft Corp.


                                # This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows.


                                # This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. Each

                                # entry should be kept on an individual line. The IP address should

                                # be placed in the first column followed by the corresponding host name.

                                # The IP address and the host name should be separated by at least one

                                # space.


                                # Additionally, comments (such as these) may be inserted on individual

                                # lines or following the machine name denoted by a '#' symbol.


                                # For example:


                                #     rhino.acme.com          # source server

                                #     x.acme.com              # x client host



                                # localhost name resolution is handled within DNS itself.

                                #       localhost

                                #          ::1             localhost

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                                  nealeh Level 5

                                  Use notepad. Copy the line "# localhost" to the end. Delete the # and change localhost to static.photoshop.com. Save the file (make sure that notepad doesn't put a .txt at the end of the filename).


                                  Insanity is hereditary, you get it from your children


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                                    richjberke Level 1

                                    Hi, Chris.


                                    To add a 'dummy  entry'.....


                                    1. You'll need to use a plain text editor, such as Notepad. 


                                    2. Edit the hosts file which on most systems will be at:

                                            C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts    Note:  this is a somewhat protected file, so you'll need to be using an Administrator privileged account.  With Windows 7 I even had to tell Windows to Run-as-Administrator as I invoked Notepad

                                    3. The 'dummy entry' is a line that tells the system that for the particular hostname, look at That special address is for your own system to look at itself.  It's like looking in the mirror.  If you ask yourself in the mirror to answer for something that isn't yours, you'll reject the request immediately.

                                    4. In Notepad move your cursor  to the end of the line that should already be there as an example for:


                                        Press Enter to break the line at that point and prepare to add a new line.

                                    5. Type in:   


                                        You'll be telling your system that it should look at itself for static.photoshop.com.  Of course your system isn't that host. 




                                    6.  File > Save

                                         File > Exit



                                    Voila.   Your system will no longer attempt to get out to the real Internet for that address, and instead will look at itself.





                                    I've used this same approach for several years as a technique to block some ads.   Usually there are no bad side effects.






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                                      chrysfernandez Level 1

                                      Thanks for the very quick replies guys - and apologies for my delayed repsonse. I tried to edit the file as suggested (screen cap below), but I am unable to save the file and overwrite the "hosts" file in the folder. The account I am using on my computer running Windows 8.1 is an Administrator account so I believe I should be able to. Am I missing something...?localhost.JPG

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                                        Hello everyone!


                                        same problem here with premiere elements 12 and photoshop elements 12.


                                        I think adobe got problems with the proxy-recognition.


                                        I configured the Company-Firewall in that way:


                                        <computergroup>    <action>          <allowed Services>    to        <destination(DNSgroup)>


                                        videoPC1                "allow"           "HTTP and HTTPS"      to         "static.adobe.com"





                                        With this config the computers can communicate with the adobe-servers for registration and validation.




                                        you can register your Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements all with one adobe-ID!


                                        best regards from good old germany,

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                                          JorgeDardon Level 1

                                          Hi everybody... here's my two cents.  I have had this same problem with both Photoshop Elements 14 and 15 and found that the redirection of the static.photosop.com didn't work for me.  So I continued checking and found that my problem was with printer (or more specific printer drivers).  Check it out, here is my original post:



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                                            Springheel Level 1

                                            Just wanted to say that I was having the same problem with PSE 2018 in my school lab last week.  It would work on 7 computers, but the other 23 in the lab would launch and then immediately freeze.  I was beginning a new digital art course and was ready to tear my hair out worried that the program required more RAM than the lab computers had, but then I found this thread and tried unplugging the problem computers from the network while launching the program.  That worked and allows me to actually run the program.  I'm hoping I'll be able to get tech support to try the dummy host solution.