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    CSSDECK-code working in Firefox, but not Chrome




      I want to include this lovely map marker made by Andreas Storm (http://cssdeck.com/labs/tedyvui4) in my Edge composition.


      After putting it in my project, it works perfectly in Firefox, but the animation does not work in the rest of the browsers (like Chrome, Safari, Opera).


      First, I created a css-document, named "map_marker.css" where I copy-pasted the css-code from cssdeck, the only change I did was removing z-index: -2 from .pulse


      I then included that css-file in my HTML-file, under <head> like this:
      <link href="map_marker.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">


      In my Edge project I created two rectangles, and gave

      - Rectangle1 a width and height of 30px, and the class "pin bounce"

      - Rectangle2 a width and height of 14px, and the class "pulse".


      Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong, and why it's not behaving as it should?


      Here is my project: http://we.tl/FCwjcpA9Zh