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    Blurry Fonts

      I need to be able to display some of my fonts in 8pt in my Flex application. Unfortunately Flex anti-aliases text, even if it is at 8pt, making an 8 pt font unreadable. I did find a Pixel font, and it works really well for words that are longer than 4 characters. Any word that is 4 characters or shorter is still blurry. Does anyone know a way to fix this? I really need to be able to display these shorter words in a crips 8 pt font.
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          Ok, this might get tricky.

          It looks like you'll need to use Flash to create a textbox symbol and then import it as a class with Actionscript 3.0.

          In flash, if you make a textbox on the stage, if you look at the properties you'll see a dropdown box that gives you anti-aliasing choices. You may want to choose: anti-alias for readablilty. Set up linkage, export, yada yada.

          But if you import this Flash textbox into Flex, you might be able to get that antialias setting.