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    workflow process with multiple signatures

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        I have a form with 3 signatures. Initially, user will fill the form, sign it & submit it. Then it reaches manager with additional fields (comments & signature field). He will enter comments and sign it. Then it goes to HR and he signs it and the final form would go to employee with all the three signatures.



      I tried implementing it this way.


      1. User submits it as PDF.

      2. Export XDP data from inputPDF in process using exportData service.

      3. Use setValue service to change some flags. (this enables Manager fields to show on form)

      4. Merge inputPDF with XDP using importData service.

      5. Reader extend inputPDF document.

      6. Inject FormBridge.

      7. Assign Task (selected use a Document Variable)


      Am I missing something in this process. I'm looking for a sample process who implemented this. This must be a generic requirement and I'm not finding it in any samples.


      I want to upload my lca so that you can check where it went wrong. Please show me the pointers for uploading attachments in forums.


      Any help is highly appreciated.