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    Color Picker for Web

    preditorj40153117 Level 1

      I often do website images for developers. The problem i am having is matching the web color from a color pick in ps. I have used a method where s i take a screen shot on my MAC and then pull that into PS cs5 (I have cs6 also) and pick. Then i export for web (png or jpeg).


      This method gets me inconsistent results. Is there a better way or  a small utility for this?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, none of that would be an issue with püüroper color mangement, which apparently isn't the case on your system. thaT's why your results are so whacky, regardless of the method chosen...



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            preditorj40153117 Level 1

            Hit with the good stuff Mylenium.


            I thought that i was puuroperly managed.  If not how would i know if i am or what would i do to get there?


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              preditorj40153117 Level 1

              I have Ps set up correctly as i tweaked settings the last time i had a color problem. My screen shots are LZ77 which i think carries SRGB. I have a custom calabration for my LED monitor. This adjustment was for yellow. done by a a friend with an xrite.


              I do not think it is about the screen so much as how the color is being read. if i am seeing a certain purple on the web. my screen may softly tint it but its tinting everything on the screen and its effects would be universal.


              its how how i am sampling i believe to be the issue.


              Ps. i am set up to see what the color type is and i have the choice to convert.