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    Cannot copy necessary fonts




      I'm finally reaching out to you after several attempts at solving this myself. When I package a file, I receive the error "Cannot copy necessary font(s)." Some background:


      InDesign CS6

      Mac OS 10.7.5


      Regardless of which font I use (and I have tried several), I receive the error. Past attempts at solving this include:


      * Resetting my preferences by holding down the shift key during a restart

      * Resetting InDesign's preferences by holding down shift+control+option+command when restarting InDesign

      * Finding the font in the Finder and ensuring that the font is not locked

      * Finding the font in the Finder and ensuring that it is set to read and write

      * Updating my InDesign to the latest version


      We recently installed InDesign CS6. Previously, I was using CS4 and did not have ANY problems with packaging files.


      Please help!